News from the AQHA World Championships

The 2018 AQHA World Championship show is always our end goal for the year–to finish out our year on a high note.  To say we ended an overall successful year on top would be an understatement.  Our horses–both those we have bred and show ourselves and by Hubba–have done very well all year long.  So to finish our year with a successful World Show is the highlight of our winter, leaving us celebrating until the next spring.


Henry (2) - 2018 World ShowWe had one entry this year like last year.  Hubbout A Dance showed in both the junior and amateur hunter under saddle.  We could not top last year if we tried; first time at the World Show and two World Championships.  We went in this year with the goal to show Henry, as tired as he was after all the classes at the Congress the month before, to his best abilities.


He showed like a champ of course! Dasi (Jadasa) Jablonowski showed Henry to third place in the junior hunter under saddle!


Next was the amateur with Alicia.  Although it was a tough class to show in (for they had the arena packed with rider and horses), Alicia piloted Henry to show off his talents to the best possible.  This year as three rider and horse combos were left standing in the arena as the placings were called, the Highpoint barn was rooting for all.  All three Henry (6) - 2018 World Showriders and horses were all from the same barn! Angela Fox and HP The Rusty Fox walked away with  the bronze trophy as Alicia and our friend, Shelby Ratliff and her horse Willy Has Potential, were left standing alone in the arena.  Henry and Alicia were awarded the Reserve World Championship and Shelby was awarded the gold! Friends are definitely one of the number reasons we enjoy going to shows and competing; so standing in the arena amongst friends was a definite highlight of the show!


This was not the end of our World Show events however.  As breeders, the time always must come to part with our show horses and pass on the reins to new riders.  With two two-year old futurity horses, it was time to pass on Henry’s reins.  Although very hard for us, we were very happy that he would be staying in the barn.  We would like to congratulate our friend, Miranda Nirenstein on the purchase of Henry and wish her continued good luck with our (always) favourite show horse!