About Us


houseAt Highrange Ranch, we strive to produce a “boutique” of the highest quality foals. Our mares were chosen especially for their proven lines. All are from the proven lines that have produced World and Congress Champions and producers. We value longevity, a great mind, conformation, and natural movement. Our mares were picked with these values in mind and we strive to produce foals that will carry them on. We take great pride in raising foals that will excel in the show ring for many years to come.



barnOur stallion is a major part in producing these very special foals. Hubba Hubba Huntin embodies all the traits we value in a horse. He has been an asset to our show string, and we hope to the industry, as a sire, in future years. We are very proud of the foals he has produced thus far, and we are looking forward to raising, promoting, and showing them.


Our prospects and mares are given the best care provided on our Texas property in Pilot Point. Our 45 acres, covered in oak trees and ponds, is a peaceful place to raise our foals. Our foals are handled daily, and taught early on to lead, tie, clip, load into the trailer, and bathe. Hubba’s foals are showing a lot of promise, and we are looking forward to showing our first foals by him in 2012.





Highrange Ranch strives to provide prospects for those who enjoy horses with laid-back attitudes, and the ability and talent to compete in a variety of disciplines at the national level. We invite you to visit our ranch to choose a perfect show partner for you. We hope you enjoy our website! Photos © Mallory Beinborn of Impulse Photography